frankles free fridays

Sam "Feel Good Feels" Feldt has a radio show! Also known as a podcast. Also, I just made up that nickname. His music is always just so pleasant, not unlike pool water kept at an ideal and comfortable temperature, to the point where you can almost overlook the fact that you're in water at all. … Continue reading frankles free fridays


frankles free fridays

Prince Fox put together a solid 27 minutes of this hour-long mix from's "Cloudcasts" series. Over the course of the past six months, Prince Fox has established himself as a capable remixer, most notably his work with Hotel Garuda on Kanye West's "All of the Lights." I was happy to hear Royal's "Round 2" … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

If you're looking for Big Room Bangers and thundering drops, these are not the songs you're looking for. The Chainsmokers proved themselves to be suprisingly effective at adapting to a slower, more restrained style for their remix of Anna of the North's woozy indie pop song, "Sway." It's a looong way from "Selfie," which is … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

The next two installments of Frankles' Free Fridays will be focusing on an event I'll be covering for ElectroJams over Halloween weekend, Hard's Day of the Dead in LA. Rustie is a tough cookie to categorize. There's elements of house, trap, hip-hop and what I can only think to call cinematic electronica. This mix takes … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

If you haven't caught a Duke Dumont show, you are missing out. The next chance you get to see him play, make it a priority. In the meantime, fill your ears with the sweet sounds of house reminiscent of the 90's heyday of the genre. The past couple years have been a second coming of … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Sunday Sounds: Porter Robinson “Worlds”

After a couple successful years of touring, producing an anthem of his own, "Language," as well as co-writing a second with Zedd ("Clarity"), Porter Robinson decided it was time to sit down and create an album. Not just a random, disjointed pile of songs, but a complete and cohesive group of songs sharing a theme. … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Porter Robinson “Worlds”

frankles free fridays

Break Science dropped a little golden nugget yesterday with an unlikely mash-up (most of the good ones are) blending the laid back, slow jam of Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" with the even more laid back, slow jam of Tycho's "Take a Walk." The result is a truly surreal swaying rhythm, with the two … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Sunday Sounds: Rufus du Sol

One of my very good friends is serving time in prison. I'm only bringing that up so I can best explain my selection for this Sunday. Inmates of federal prison are provided with the option to purchase an mp3 player for roughly $75 that they can buy songs for at a range between 99 cents … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Rufus du Sol

Sunday Sounds: Duke Dumont

My introduction to Duke Dumont came in the week or so leading up to Coachella earlier this year. His name appeared on several lists of “Can’t Miss Artists” or performers you may not know about, but should. He fit perfectly into both categories. Duke Dumont’s tutelage came under the watchful eye (and talented ears) of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Duke Dumont

frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part I

Michal Menert and Manic Focus' new joint project, Manic Menert were added in the fourth and final round of line-up announcements last week.  Either JMac or Menert must have figured out how to Vulcan Mind-Meld, because they seem to be perfectly in sync and equally represented in "The One You Love."  Looking forward to getting … Continue reading frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part I