All of the Things: Phantogram

PHANTOGRAM "Sarah Barthel is an incredible performer, with her vicious intensity, her smile, and her amazing rock and roll hair. It was the thought about her hair that I realized I’d just joined the unofficial crush on Sarah Barthel club. When I looked around, I saw I was by no means not alone in this." -Live at … Continue reading All of the Things: Phantogram


All of the Things: Galantis

"One great thing about Galantis’ stage presence is that they seem to be as happy as anybody else at the show. Galantis descended upon the Mayan Theater much like they did for their Sunday show the day before at Hard Day of the Dead: by storm. Even if they’re playing the same material, they plow … Continue reading All of the Things: Galantis

All of the Things: Odesza

"Imagine for a moment that interstellar travel was not only possible, but widely accessible, and you could take a couple days off to explore distant planets. You’d try to find the most beautiful one, right? (Well, after you found the one most resembling Tatooine with it’s double sunsets.) If you found one that was composed … Continue reading All of the Things: Odesza

2017 Festival Wishlist

I've been a consistent festival attendee since 2011, logging a yearly visit to Coachella, Electric Forest, and Summer Set. I also found myself at North Coast, Hard Day of the Dead, Lights All Night, Soundtown, Mamby on the Beach, Freaky Deaky, and a few others. In that time, I've learned to love the anticipation that … Continue reading 2017 Festival Wishlist

frankles free fridays

After Paul Oakenfold's all too brief set came to an end at Electric Forest last month, I felt lost. Not wanting to let go of the experience, my crew found our way to back to the Forest and happened into Ancient Mermaids' set in the Jenkstars' "Illuminarium," which was kind of like a hippie science museum … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Reports from the Forest: Was Lost, Now Found

Welcome Home, Forest Family. Jump to:  THURSDAY   |   FRIDAY   |   SATURDAY   |   SUNDAY   |   GALLERY Everything leading up to a music festival, from making lists to grocery shopping up through your arrival at the venue is about enough to make your average person never, ever want to do it … Continue reading Reports from the Forest: Was Lost, Now Found

Electric Forest: Be Prepared, Be Excellent

(Originally published at on June 9 2014) Going to a music festival is not as simple as hopping in a car and driving to the venue. Especially in the case of Electric Forest, spanning four long days with camping in a remote location, meaning you have to bring everything you’ll need when you’re awake, … Continue reading Electric Forest: Be Prepared, Be Excellent

Sunday Sounds: Matt and Kim

Sometimes, Sundays get to be the fun day.  Nothing about the struggles or lessons of the previous week, no mind for the days that lie ahead.  Some Sundays are just an extension of Saturday. When your Sunday is more like a house party than a brunch quiche, when shots supplant mimosa's, the soundtrack to your … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Matt and Kim

frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part II

  First up is a song from Anna Lunoe, called "Bass Drum Dealer."  It's a good sample of what she's all about, with an aggressive beat, house sensibilities and features herself in the vocal samples. What the fuck is a Zoogma?  This is a Zoogma...production.  It's well outside of their normal vein, but I'm happy to … Continue reading frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part II

frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part I

Michal Menert and Manic Focus' new joint project, Manic Menert were added in the fourth and final round of line-up announcements last week.  Either JMac or Menert must have figured out how to Vulcan Mind-Meld, because they seem to be perfectly in sync and equally represented in "The One You Love."  Looking forward to getting … Continue reading frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part I