frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition II

Starting about a year and a half ago, Zeds Dead took their music in a different direction, away from the dreaded, nefarious whomp-whomp of dub-step and graduated into the magical splendor of house. And now, apparently, trop-house in their mix for Pete Tong. Highlights include the kick-off track, their collab with Oliver Heldens, as well … Continue reading frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition II


frankles free fridays

I have a confession: When I'm watching a DJ/knob-twiddler perform live, I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at.  I know they're producing the music that's coming out of the stacks of speakers, sure, but I don't really know the means by which they're doing all of it.  What's worse is that they could totally … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free friday

It's Friday again, and of course that means free music from Frankles.  Starting us off is GRiZ, who from the look of him was probably a little weird in high school, commiserated with all the other weird kids, probably made a bunch of clicking and beeping sounds in back of class.  He now gets to … Continue reading frankles free friday

frankles’ free friday

I've decided to add another "day" to the site, Frankles' Free Fridays.  I'm going to keep track of a few songs during the week and present them to my readers as a thank you.  New music can be tricky to find and even more tricky to afford, so I'm going to help everybody out as … Continue reading frankles’ free friday

Gramatik and FLAG in the same night: Dual Reviews

It must be my birthday, because I got to see Gramatik and FLAG in the same night.  Pinch me all you want, I know I'm not dreaming.  Each of these concerts represent completely different, but equally important parts of my musical make-up, part history and part future.  The good news for each concert came Friday … Continue reading Gramatik and FLAG in the same night: Dual Reviews