All of the Things: Galantis

"One great thing about Galantis’ stage presence is that they seem to be as happy as anybody else at the show. Galantis descended upon the Mayan Theater much like they did for their Sunday show the day before at Hard Day of the Dead: by storm. Even if they’re playing the same material, they plow … Continue reading All of the Things: Galantis


frankles free fridays

Back for part two of Hard Day of the Dead-themed Free Fridays. Calvin Harris needs no introduction. He's the guy who used to look purposefully frumpy and made powerful, emotional house and even used to sing his own songs. Over time, everything about Calvin Harris underwent a gradual makeover, until he was the pretty boy … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

The next two installments of Frankles' Free Fridays will be focusing on an event I'll be covering for ElectroJams over Halloween weekend, Hard's Day of the Dead in LA. Rustie is a tough cookie to categorize. There's elements of house, trap, hip-hop and what I can only think to call cinematic electronica. This mix takes … Continue reading frankles free fridays