Sunday Sounds: filous

I don't know where the name filous came from, nor do I know which language the word belongs to. Despite my ignorance, I still feel like it's an appropriately charming name for a producer with his particular sound. I first heard of filous from his collaboration with fellow Austrian producer, Mount, on their remix of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: filous


frankles free fridays

Jose Gonzalez took what was a beautiful, marching love song by The Knife and transformed it into a soft, sweet lullaby. All the raw power of The Knife's original was somehow, and magnificently maintained. So it's understandable when I see a remix of Gonzalez' cover, that I approached it with some (re: a LOT) of hesitation. … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Sunday Sounds: Jose Gonzalez

I listen to a lot of electronic-based music, or EDM.  It's dominated my listening habits for about three years now.  I still listen to more traditional four- and five-piece indie/pop/rock records, but those are now peppered in from time to time. For a lot of people, there's a large disconnect in what I'll call "humanity" in … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Jose Gonzalez