2016 Rundown | Best of 2016 | SoundCloud Playlists | Spotify Playlists 2016 Rundown I don't like to play favorites, and when it comes to bundling a group of artists or songs together at the end of the year, I absolutely hate ordered lists. I'm not going to say Frank Ocean's Blond is better than … Continue reading 2016


Sunday Sounds: Lane 8 | Rise

I was originally planning on reviewing the new Chemical Brothers LP for today's Sunday Sounds, but when I woke up today, all I wanted to hear was Lane 8's new album, "Rise," one more time. The above was written last Sunday morning, when I attempted and ultimately fell short of writing about all of the … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Lane 8 | Rise

frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition III

Lane 8's quarterly, seasonally-themed mix came out just in time for the Do-Lab's lineup announcement. His aptly-titled "Spring 2015 Mixtape" is a delightful 2 hours of upbeat house and deep house. I haven't been able to find a tracklisting yet, but maybe a little mystery is a good thing. More Lane 8 Mixes:¬†http://www.lane8music.com/mixes/ Do you … Continue reading frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition III

frankles free fridays

Tried as I might, I couldn't track down a legitimate copy of Above & Beyond's "Sun and Moon" to share with the world today. That song has had a bit of a stranglehold on my thoughts this week, and I guess I figured if I could get it out into the world, that it would … Continue reading frankles free fridays