Live at Coachella: Galantis

I cannot stress the importance nor the weirdness of the fact that Galantis‘ Weekend 1 performance was their first ever live performance.  Their first release, Galantis EP had been released a scant eleven days earlier.  In short, their inclusion in the line-up was a gamble on the festival organizer’s part.  Sure, they’ve both toured and played live shows, either solo (Style of Eye) or as … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Galantis

Review: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the State Fair

There was a fight at Macklemore last night. During “And We Danced.” What kind of douche-nozzles decide that’s a great time to fight? It’s the state fair. THE STATE FAIR! That’s a place for love and greasy food and farm animals. Not fights. Have you listened to a single word of Macklemore’s songs, or are you just here because your girlfriend bought a ticket and … Continue reading Review: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the State Fair


If you ever find yourself dating somebody younger than you are, keep in mind that the most significant or polarizing difference won’t likely be differing maturity levels.  This is especially true in my case when I’m older than my girlfriend.  It puts on a level playing field of maturity, more or less.  The times you’ll notice a more stark difference is when she sees the … Continue reading Madchester