Sunday Sounds: Lane 8 | Rise

I was originally planning on reviewing the new Chemical Brothers LP for today's Sunday Sounds, but when I woke up today, all I wanted to hear was Lane 8's new album, "Rise," one more time. The above was written last Sunday morning, when I attempted and ultimately fell short of writing about all of the … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Lane 8 | Rise


frankles free fridays

Big Gigantic's Winter Vibes mix was a welcome influx of new and old jams and remixes to break up the monotony of a shitty and cold season. Their new Summer Vibes Mix is no different, except that it's just welcome. I'm from Minnesota, and warm weather never quite gets the chance to be monotonous. It's … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Mamby on the Beach 2015

We came, we saw, we enjoyed ourselves, but we're still not sure what a Mamby is. Day One Photos: Jump to:   SATURDAY   |   SUNDAY   |   GALLERY Saturday Saturday was almost a complete loss before I even got through the gates when I stepped into the wrong portapotty. The pity I would … Continue reading Mamby on the Beach 2015

Tops of 2007

89.3 The Current recently (today) started tallying votes for the top 89 records of 2007, I shot through and started compiling my picks. I like being asked for my opinion, even if it is aimed at a large mass of people and not, specifically, me. It got my mind running and I decided to expand … Continue reading Tops of 2007