frankles free fridays

First up, we have a rather ballsy, yet populist remix of Moby. I say ballsy for two reasons. Most people don't remix Moby, because most remixes of his songs aren't different enough from the original, or at times misuse the source material and gut the emotional intensity he's come to master. The second reason ties … Continue reading frankles free fridays


Celtic Revenge: Or, The Demise of Electronica

Are you old enough to remember the rise of electronic music in the 90's, as DJ's and other electronic groups emerged from the underground into the light of the mainstream? This era was a heyday for labels like Astralwerks and Mute, large players responsible for bringing Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Underworld and many … Continue reading Celtic Revenge: Or, The Demise of Electronica

Sunday Sounds: Moby

Over the course of his lengthy career, Moby has crafted a plethora of Sunday-worthy music, but it's typically been interspersed with manic hyper-house, as on 'Everything is Wrong' and even with the post-punk raging of Animal Rights.  I'm a big fan of albums that go back and forth from fast to slow, that are loud … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Moby