Sunday Sounds: Caribou | Our Love

If I had to come with a tl;dr for Caribou’s new album, “Our Love,” it would be, “Abstract, with feelings.” If I had a few more words, I’d add “41 minutes of bliss.” For anybody familiar with Dan Snaith’s music as either acronym, Caribou or his more dance-oriented Daphni, none of those descriptors should come as a surprise. It’s difficult at many times in this … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Caribou | Our Love

Slick: Savoy | Self Predator

Don’t be put off by the terrifying four-eyed saber-toothed…tiger?  Maybe?  The three gentlemen of Savoy kindly dropped a golden nugget of electro on the world, priming them for what looks to be another big year of touring behind their giant laser set-up. Clocking in at just under an hour, Savoy takes the listener through the seedy underbelly of electronic music, with marching bass, grinding, intertwined … Continue reading Slick: Savoy | Self Predator

Sunday Sounds: Garden State

Every so often, there’s a movie soundtrack that is originally intended to boost, echo or play along with the theme of a movie, but winds up defining a moment in time, a movement or even a generation. Garden State’s soundtrack was one of those defining moments, where indie music formally devoured the alternative label for good.  It introduced the world to The Shins, and with … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Garden State

Sunday Sounds: Massive Attack | Mezzanine

Sure, most of Massive Attack’s music over the year fits the bill for a Sunday afternoon, but today I’m going to focus on one album in particular: 1998’s Mezzanine.  Why Mezzanine?  Why not Protection?  Wouldn’t something more laid back and old-school fit Sunday better?  Short answer: yes.  Protection is closer to an old pair of jeans you probably won’t wear out of the house, but … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Massive Attack | Mezzanine

Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

I tried.  I really tried to be objective while listening to the new Kings of Leon record, “Mechanical Bull.”  If it’s possible, I don’t know how, which either makes me lazy or unimaginative.  From the sounds of “Bull,” Kings of Leon were suffering the same symptoms. A good rock and roll record has a lot of analogies to a sports car.  It can be the … Continue reading Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull