Sunday Sounds: Caribou | Our Love

If I had to come with a tl;dr for Caribou’s new album, “Our Love,” it would be, “Abstract, with feelings.” If I had a few more words, I’d add “41 minutes of bliss.” For anybody familiar with Dan Snaith’s music as either acronym, Caribou or his more dance-oriented Daphni, none of those descriptors should come … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Caribou | Our Love


Rustie: Green Language

Sophomore albums are often a toss-up, especially for somebody so quickly met with as much success as Rustie, a break-out album followed by a landmark BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and even a summer mixtape for NPR. Green Language may be more subdued than Glass Swords, but it also feels more organized, somehow more deliberate. … Continue reading Rustie: Green Language

Slick: Savoy | Self Predator

Don't be put off by the terrifying four-eyed saber-toothed...tiger?  Maybe?  The three gentlemen of Savoy kindly dropped a golden nugget of electro on the world, priming them for what looks to be another big year of touring behind their giant laser set-up. Clocking in at just under an hour, Savoy takes the listener through the … Continue reading Slick: Savoy | Self Predator

Sunday Sounds: Garden State

Every so often, there's a movie soundtrack that is originally intended to boost, echo or play along with the theme of a movie, but winds up defining a moment in time, a movement or even a generation. Garden State's soundtrack was one of those defining moments, where indie music formally devoured the alternative label for … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Garden State

Sunday Sounds: Massive Attack | Mezzanine

Sure, most of Massive Attack's music over the year fits the bill for a Sunday afternoon, but today I'm going to focus on one album in particular: 1998's Mezzanine.  Why Mezzanine?  Why not Protection?  Wouldn't something more laid back and old-school fit Sunday better?  Short answer: yes.  Protection is closer to an old pair of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Massive Attack | Mezzanine

Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

I tried.  I really tried to be objective while listening to the new Kings of Leon record, "Mechanical Bull."  If it's possible, I don't know how, which either makes me lazy or unimaginative.  From the sounds of "Bull," Kings of Leon were suffering the same symptoms. A good rock and roll record has a lot … Continue reading Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

Review: Avicii | True

Good lord, Avicii has gone the way of Guetta.  He seems to be "Crossover Spit-Balling," bridging his easy, inoffenseive brand of EDM with pop, country and Irish folk.  Pretty much anything he can get his hands on. When I hear a record like this, I start to wonder, is it innovation or is he simply … Continue reading Review: Avicii | True

Tease: Arcade Fire

Do you ever think about dream records you would make if the universe aligned so you could get exactly what you want?  We must be living in somebody else's dream, because I wouldn't have necessarily thought to put Arcade Fire, James Murphy and David Bowie into the same room to record, but I'm really glad … Continue reading Tease: Arcade Fire

Review: Pixies EP1

The first concert I ever attended was Nirvana, and the Breeders opened.  I had “mosh pit” tickets, so I was front and center for the show, loving every minute of it.  It was at the height of grunge (in Minnesota suburbs, anyway) so I wore both my flannel shirts.  I guess I figured it was … Continue reading Review: Pixies EP1