Sunday Sounds: Porter Robinson “Worlds”

After a couple successful years of touring, producing an anthem of his own, “Language,” as well as co-writing a second with Zedd (“Clarity”), Porter Robinson decided it was time to sit down and create an album. Not just a random, disjointed pile of songs, but a complete and cohesive group of songs sharing a theme. He also did something out of the ordinary and took … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Porter Robinson “Worlds”

frankles free fridays

Porter Robinson released a soft, whooshing song to the world last week, complete with appropriately pink and whooshy artwork.  It sounds like it should/will be the first song on his new album, released on the deadmau5 imprint under Astralwerks. Kid Cudi pulled a Beyonce last week and dropped a surprise album overnight.  Originally announced as an EP, it seems he had a little more to … Continue reading frankles free fridays