frankles free fridays

I love this song.  I love Bonobo.  I love Bonobo's remix of this song.  Thanks, Bonobo! It's not a great remix, it doesn't improve the song, but I'll still give a listen to anything involving The Fugees' second album.  This injects a lotta base, a little trappings, and threatens to be really good when the … Continue reading frankles free fridays


Review: Yeezus

The music production on Yeezus is cutting-edge, brilliant and unlike anything out right now.  It’s heavy, it’s complex and it prompts the listener to either rage or just dance.  DJ’s are going to get a LOT of mileage off this album, much like ‘Watch the Throne’ did.  If you’ve ever been somewhere, anywhere when ‘Niggas … Continue reading Review: Yeezus