frankles free fridays

Maybe I’ve touched on this before, but someone having the idea to remix Bon Iver at all is a little strange, but it is also encouraging. Covers aren’t all House producers messing with songs by other House producers, or “genre reacharounds” as I like to call them. I consider very little to be sacred music that you just don’t mess with, because you can’t improve … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Sunday Sounds: filous

I don’t know where the name filous came from, nor do I know which language the word belongs to. Despite my ignorance, I still feel like it’s an appropriately charming name for a producer with his particular sound. I first heard of filous from his collaboration with fellow Austrian producer, Mount, on their remix of Jose Gonzalez incredible cover of “Heartbeats.” It’s funny, whenever I … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: filous

frankles free fridays

Describing himself only as an “Electric Disco Man,” London producer jackLNDN has been pumping out a steady supply of quality deep- and trop-house remixes for the past year, and even dropped an EP of four original songs last February. Island and beach-focused electronic music has had a wildly successful year, and probably would have been even bigger if Thomas Jack’s people knew their way around … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Sunday Sounds: Hot Chip

Hot Chip are among a small group of producers and musicians who deftly operate with their toes in several genres, sometimes within the same song. They’re a five piece band from the UK that cover a range from indie to synth-pop to straight dance music, and cover a wide emotional spectrum as well, from happy, bright melodies down to depths of melancholy. Though most of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Hot Chip

Sunday Sounds: Kygo

No, not the Denver-based country music radio station.  Not even close.  This Kygo is a Norwegian-sourced producer of some of the most catchy and intoxicating deep house songs and remixes coming out right now. This post is kicking off a new monthly(-ish) theme dedicating all my posts and reviews to performers of Electric Forest, a music festival in western Michigan set to kick off it’s … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Kygo