Sylvan Esso at First Avenue, Minneapolis

I’m tempted to review this show in a single sentence, then apologize because I have to pay by the word. But I won’t, because I’m not a jerk and more importantly, because Sylvan Esso is amazing and they deserve better. If you don’t know them, Sylvan Esso is an electropop duo, consisting of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn. They combine Meath’s sharp, boisterous … Continue reading Sylvan Esso at First Avenue, Minneapolis

Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Young & Sick is the dual visual and sound arts project from Nick Van Hofwegan, a Dutch living in LA.  Sonically, he sounds like a modern white version of Marvin Gaye and, similarly, seems to have made it his main goal to get people making babies.  Visually, (as I’ve stated before) he’s like a more intricate and abstract version of Keith Haring.  You would have … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Slick: Savoy | Self Predator

Don’t be put off by the terrifying four-eyed saber-toothed…tiger?  Maybe?  The three gentlemen of Savoy kindly dropped a golden nugget of electro on the world, priming them for what looks to be another big year of touring behind their giant laser set-up. Clocking in at just under an hour, Savoy takes the listener through the seedy underbelly of electronic music, with marching bass, grinding, intertwined … Continue reading Slick: Savoy | Self Predator

Fun Again: BlackGummy | BlackGummy EP

A few years ago, the playful tumble of synths and heavy bass of electro lured me in to a burgeoning EDM scene. It was kooky, but also meaningful and led me away from the indie + hip-hop I’d kept in heavy rotation since…well, high school. Music had gotten pretty serious for me, and the music I gravitated to was generally downtempo and lyrically either asked … Continue reading Fun Again: BlackGummy | BlackGummy EP

Neneh Cherry | Blank Project

In 1995, Tricky dropped ‘Maxinquaye,’ an album that operated as a showcase of his own capable production abilities as well as providing a dark, brooding ideal environment for Martina Topley-Bird’s vocals. It was a bit of a departure from his previous work with Massive Attack, though still in keeping with key elements of trip-hop and electronica characteristic of ‘Blue Lines’ and ‘Protection.’ It’s a similar … Continue reading Neneh Cherry | Blank Project

Review: Arcade Fire | Reflektor

      A few thoughts from my initial listen of Arcade Fire’s new album, Reflektor: This doesn’t sound like Arcade Fire They still sound appropriately over-dramatic This. Album. Is. So. Long. No, it doesn’t sound like other Arcade Fire albums.  They put the church they recorded up for sale after the roof collapsed.  Apparently God or the church itself didn’t much care for their … Continue reading Review: Arcade Fire | Reflektor

Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

I tried.  I really tried to be objective while listening to the new Kings of Leon record, “Mechanical Bull.”  If it’s possible, I don’t know how, which either makes me lazy or unimaginative.  From the sounds of “Bull,” Kings of Leon were suffering the same symptoms. A good rock and roll record has a lot of analogies to a sports car.  It can be the … Continue reading Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

Fierce: Lizzo | LIZZOBANGERS

Imagine for a moment that Mary J.  Blige, T-Boz and Missy Elliot had a lovechild, who brought her up on a strict diet of 90’s hip-hop and you’d have a something like Lizzo. Now, team that lovechild up with production from Lazerbeak sounding like he drew inspiration from a slick combination of RZA and Laurie Anderson, and in louder parts, machine gun fire.  The backing … Continue reading Fierce: Lizzo | LIZZOBANGERS

Review: Break Science | Seven Bridges

In a word, the new Break Science record is bangin.  I don’t use that kind of vocabulary in my day-to-day life, but there is no better description for Seven Bridges. I can’t decide if the first song, Brain Reaction, belongs in a car commercial aimed at people who like sleek, fast and sexy cars or if it belongs in an action montage showing the movie’s … Continue reading Review: Break Science | Seven Bridges