Sunday Sounds: Awaken, My Love

When I first heard Childish Gambino, I didn’t know the guy performing was also the guy who played Troy on Community, Donald Glover. Even after I learned that they were the same person when I saw Donald Glover in cutoff jorts belting out “Heartbeat” on the mainstage at Coachella, it was difficult to reconcile these two very different personas. Eventually, I got used to it. … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Awaken, My Love

Sunday Sounds: Ani DiFranco

When I was younger, I heard a lot phases. I had a lot of challenging listening habits (think lots of metal), so maybe it was a mantra my parents recited to get through the day. Or that weeklong vacation in Orlando when I exclusively listened to Metallica’s “Kill Em All” and “Incesticide” by Nirvana. Naturally, I rejected the concept of phases, insisting I’d still be … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Ani DiFranco

Sunday Sounds: Dreaming In Colour with Jamie xx

In an interview ahead of the xx’s sophomore album Coexist, Jamie xx said it would be a dance-inspired album, and I thought, “Finally!” But when I heard it, I spent the 40-minute length of the record waiting in vain for the breakdown. There’s so much restraint, and much of the record is spent hovering in an area that feels on the brink of a breakdown, … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Dreaming In Colour with Jamie xx

Sunday Sounds: Hot Chip | Why Make Sense

I don’t know where you live, but in Minneapolis it’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s raining. It isn’t a downpour, nor is it particularly cold, but what it is is just unpleasant enough to rule out leaving the comfort of a home, save to huddle under a bus shelter to get to a something-percent-off sale. I have family and friends who were in the military, … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Hot Chip | Why Make Sense

Sunday Sounds: Hot Chip

Hot Chip are among a small group of producers and musicians who deftly operate with their toes in several genres, sometimes within the same song. They’re a five piece band from the UK that cover a range from indie to synth-pop to straight dance music, and cover a wide emotional spectrum as well, from happy, bright melodies down to depths of melancholy. Though most of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Hot Chip

Sunday Sounds: Flight Facilities | Down to Earth

If you know Flight Facilities, it’s probably from their heavily and competently remixed single, “Crave You.” If you like what you heard, and are looking for more of the same, you may want to proceed with caution. You may also want to check out Flux Pavilion or Adventure Club. You may also find this to be a perfectly subdued, pleasantly down-tempo surprise. Flight Facilities are … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Flight Facilities | Down to Earth