Sunday Sounds: Sunday

It's funny the extraordinary timings of ordinary events in day to day life. For the past six months or so, I've been making playlists in soundcloud and Spotify piece by piece. When I encounter a new song I like, I add it to my current running playlist. I'll also happen on a song in a … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Sunday


Sunday Sounds: Matt and Kim

Sometimes, Sundays get to be the fun day.  Nothing about the struggles or lessons of the previous week, no mind for the days that lie ahead.  Some Sundays are just an extension of Saturday. When your Sunday is more like a house party than a brunch quiche, when shots supplant mimosa's, the soundtrack to your … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Matt and Kim

Sunday Sounds: Kygo

No, not the Denver-based country music radio station.  Not even close.  This Kygo is a Norwegian-sourced producer of some of the most catchy and intoxicating deep house songs and remixes coming out right now. This post is kicking off a new monthly(-ish) theme dedicating all my posts and reviews to performers of Electric Forest, a … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Kygo

Sunday Sounds: TLC

When I was 21, most of my friends were trying ecstasy for the first (or 20th) time, staying up late drinking and dragging themselves to work the next morning.  Yes, my friends were in the Chumbawumba phase of their lives, which is a natural sequence of phases, which also includes the "reggae" phase (aka listening … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: TLC

Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Young & Sick is the dual visual and sound arts project from Nick Van Hofwegan, a Dutch living in LA.  Sonically, he sounds like a modern white version of Marvin Gaye and, similarly, seems to have made it his main goal to get people making babies.  Visually, (as I've stated before) he's like a more … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Sunday Sounds: The Streets

The majority of The Streets' music is too jagged, crass and angry for a Sunday afternoon.  However, if you limit yourself to focus only on Mike Skinner's 2004 work, "A Grand Don't Come for Free," that alters the standards a bit. Grand is a self-contained concept album covering a week in the life of Mike, … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: The Streets

Sunday Sounds: Orbital

Orbital is made up of two brothers from a small town in England called Sevenoaks, in county Kent. The music they make is equal parts serene and frantic and made up of entirely synthesized elements.  However, Orbital's music was among the first electronic music where I was able to identify an emotion without having to … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Orbital

Sunday Sounds: Dr. Dre

This past week I learned two startling facts from the music world.  These facts carried with them the ability to turn my musical knowledge on its head. The first fact was that "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" by Will Smith was co-written by Nas.  "If I Ruled the World" Nas, and "Life's a Bitch" Nas. The … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Dr. Dre

Sunday Sounds: Grimes

If you're a woman in music these days, you're given two options: you can either be sexy and fun or you can be sexy and serious.  Either way, you're expected to pony up your body to be manipulated, prettied up, dressed the right way and posed just so in order to garner media attention.  Sure, … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Grimes

Sunday Sounds: James Blake

James Blake and Disclosure combine to form my two big musical misses for 2013.  Incidentally, they were both at Coachella 2013 and I opted to go elsewhere for music.  Instead of Blake, I caught part of Tanlines' set, followed by a run to the main stage to see Social Distortion play out the same songs … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: James Blake