Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Young & Sick is the dual visual and sound arts project from Nick Van Hofwegan, a Dutch living in LA.  Sonically, he sounds like a modern white version of Marvin Gaye and, similarly, seems to have made it his main goal to get people making babies.  Visually, (as I've stated before) he's like a more … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick


frankles free fridays

The Weeknd gets in on the "Drunk in Love" action, shifting the perspective to male.  It's not going to improve on Beyonce's version because, well, please.  But it's good, everything's been muted, and Bey's "buoy-bay" got replaced by a standard "baby."  Unlike Diplo's version, The Weeknd's made his mix available for free.   He's little, … Continue reading frankles free fridays

New: Young & Sick | Magnolia 7″

The Fader was kind enough today to introduce me to two new songs from Young & Sick, who is appropriately and concisely self-identified as a Music and Art Project.  I'm no art major, but the visual aspect of Young & Sick looks like a natural and complicated extension of Keith Haring. But I'm not here … Continue reading New: Young & Sick | Magnolia 7″